Контрольные кабели

Контрольные кабелиГибкие экранированные кабели содержат от 2 до 100 жил, по которым передается электрическая энергия (обычно 300-600 Вольт), а также низкочастотные сигналы контроля приводов электрических машин и генераторов, которые используются в системах позиционирования гондолы и контроля скорости ротора.

Нексанс поставляет для Escha кабели для системы Веста, используемые в системе контроля наклона лопастей ротора. Срок службы наших кабелей составляет 20 лет и более.

Эти кабели являются частью нашего решения Windlink®, разработанного специально для соответствия самым высоким требованиям рынка ветряных турбин.

Cables Solutions

Control, electronic and data transmission cables
Промышленные кабельные системы/Wind turbines dedicated cables

For the Wind O.E.M market, Nexans manufactures control, electronic and data transmission cables.
These cables are specifically designed for Wind Turbine Generators in the nacelles and for loop applications.

Among the main features for this type of cables we can mention low temperature rating, torsion resistance, oil and U.V resistance and halogen-free properties

Our cable offer is in compliance with most wind turbine manufacturer such as Vestas, Siemens, Sinovel and other worldwide Wind Turbine Manufacturers


Standard cables and wires 1kV
Кабельные системы внутренней установки/Wires and cables 1kV

Nexans offers an extensive range of high-quality products within low voltage cables. We develop, manufacture and market the whole product portfolio from standard to customized applications and value-added products dedicated to all types of buildings.

Rigid” wires and cables are used for fixed installations and can be installed in tubes, mouldings and baseboards.

Flexible” wires and cables power light tools, appliances and moving industrial machines and equipment. We offer our customers unique competences within product development, technical expertise and innovative solutions

Control cables
Промышленные кабельные системы

The progressive electrification of machinery, and the industry for electrical equipment and tools, creates an increasing demand
for mobile cables...

These cables are used in fixed installations or in installations or in environments were a high degree of flexibility is required.

Especially if control panels or other equipment is moved, these cables are most suitable.

The product range comprises cables which are suitable to interconnect most different applications from control and computer panels
down to lifts, material flow and automation equipment.

Control cables are exposed to a variety of mechanical and environmental stresses. Especially such as tension and pressure to cores
and change of length while bending.

These requirements are met by selecting most appropriate construction principles and state of the art conductor, insulation
and sheathing materials.

The degree of flexibility and...